Local Press talks to Bake the Cycle

08 Sep
So, the local press is making a big deal about Bake the Cycle in their little town. This is bigger than we think, the widows are putting together a drama this year. We want to film them doing this and get this into the theatre. Everyone needs to know about this story.
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San Marcos Daily Record – Breaking Bread

Published: September 04, 2008 12:17 pm

As the Rwandan mission continues for locally-based True Vineyard ministries, 10 widows in the city of Ruhengeri-Musanze now have something they could have never imagined a year ago: A full-time job.

“I think they were surprised by it (the oven) at first,” Wiley said. “Even over here in the States, it looks like a satellite, some UFO thing. So many of them have never baked in any type of oven. They just don’t have that kind of concept. Even down to trying to slice the bread, they didn’t know how to use a bread knife. This is something that is completely unknown to them.”

Ayinkamiye Velonic (right) and Uzamukunda Alivera enjoy a few minutes of break time while working at the new bakery in Rwanda.

A wall was built in three days on the land recently purchased in Ruhengeri by True Vineyard Ministries. The lot will eventually be the permanent home of the widows’ bakery.

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