Solve Attrition Problems

05 Sep
Reading this and putting it into practice in any business could solve the alarming attrition rate in America. We are so used to just disposing of people because they don’t “fit the job” what about fitting a job around them and who they are and what they will become….how liberating.
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CW: Obviously, an organic human capital strategy has to focus on getting as many productivity employees in the organization as possible. What can a business who wants to be organic do to retain these employees once they have them?

  • Grow Old Together. Most jobs have some potential for creativity and growth. Most employees bring their own desire and potential for creativity and growth. Consider the aspirations of the individual employee. These exist, whether acknowledged or not. It is easy to believe that, once understood, these aspirations are static. But this is absolutely not the case. Aspirations change with time, with experience, with maturity, with age. Aspirations change, yet companies often have no recognition of this reality. They make no provision for the different, often uncontrollable external events going on in their employees’ lives. They treat them all the same, yet different stages of life can make you good or bad, a fit or not a fit, for different roles at different times.
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