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So, the Alpha stage is VERY close to completion. I’ve talked with a few people about recommending their doctors, day cares, recruiters, etc….I’m not sure if it’s the right approach or not.
Since its such a personal service we offer, the people don’t seem to be as giving with this information as I had hoped. It makes me take a closer look into the career I had in the recruiting business. Most of my clients were recommendations, and I made recommendations all the time to everyone for the things they need. So, I’m confused-isn’t it a natural thing to want to help? If it’s made convenient, that’s the key. A survey, sure, if they won’t take it, I’m curious if they’ll forward it on (with the verbiage to ask “pretty please”) may work.
Well, I know enough people in this area, word of mouth spreads fast–I’m thinking the right audience is the key….find pockets where people enjoy sharing information….my business partners know this well….they’ll be the one’s recommending others–of course not their competitors, but the other folks they like to work with for referrals, etc… the Dentist that refers the Orthodontist and/or the Recruiter that refers someone to their other recruiting buddy in another industry….that makes much more sense. B2B referrals & recommendations. Thanks for helping work this out, WORDPRESS!

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Land of Reason

Holy Moly. You would never think that a little town in the middle of the Bible Belt
would hold SO much opportunity. I never new it’s the L.A. of the South, for the entertainment industry. Kind of like Austin is for Music, this place is for the TV and movie industry. Really cool, people that are more interested in the quality and not a lot else, flock to this area. Understandably, so. The people are AWESOME, everyone is welcoming and without an ulterior motive–no joke, people like this actually exist–and they’re PLENTIFUL!!! Everyone from the cashier at the convenience store to the guy that’s worth millions at the little g-zillion$$$ studio in the middle of BFE!!!

If you get a chance, go there….not much to do, but get there, fast!


Turning Points

We all have a turning point in our life that we remember. Funny thing is that we remember it while we’re going through yet, another turning point. –Looking back or looking forward. It pretty much all comes down to that when you’re getting close to some sort of huge success in life. Realizing that something is SO important that all the “mistakes” you made in the past actually matter because we LEARNED from them, right? Not sure about you, but that’s a real cool thing, to know with out a doubt that you NEVER want to go back to that dark place that didn’t add any value what-so-ever to your life now. Whatever it was, it just took away from life–but we didn’t know it then.Walking blind. Swishing a a guide-stick like a day job to get us through while our true passion is figured out. Some of us figure this out at a very early age and don’t let anything come between us and our goals, sacrificing human relationships because of it. While the rest of us put our human relationships between us and a measure of success….but some super talented and fulfilled people have a nice, healthy balance. They say no to people and to success at the same time. Why not say Yes to both??? It’s totally possible to have it all! Why the limitations? Fear of change, fear and more fear of the unknown. Then fear….back to fear of failure, second guessing and looking back “reflection”…not necessarily of how you came out of a situation with soaring colors, but the situation. It’s just a situation, whether it’s intentional or not–there’s always a way out.

A good way & a bad way—a choice to make, right? Wo, we’re getting deep…

But why not have it all? It’s possible, but it takes a ton of “work”….entrepreneurs have to describe it as work to be credible to the rest…..but it’s not really work because that’s when they shine, are in the element and excited and exuberant ideas start flowing….another topic for another day…

So, what do you get when you put 2 entrepreneurs in a room? 24 different ways to help other’s lives easier, and a boat load of work for the techie’s, accountants & lawyers.

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Turn the page

A life today. It is everything. Networks of family (was about to put friends first), but family, friends and all the rest have the ability to capture a life today. How talents are unleashed is the test. “Embrace your weirdness”, as my little sister says.I always thought that just living was good enough, doing my very personal best and living each day, then waking up to the next. BOR-ing….hear the sound…

That’s not living, that’s being. What good does it do to just be?….BOR-ing, (sigh). What defines and separates from the person sitting next to me isn’t what I do better than them, it’s how figuring out how to help them.

Today is the promise and the threat. It’s a challenge to see what this minute brings, and do what needs to be done. Ever heard that luck is when preparation meets opportunity? Opportunity is in the eye of the beholder. My opportunity to see and capture today is different. Every challenge and hardship we face is a learning Opportunity. If that opportunity isn’t captured, it’s lost forever.

Time kills deals, you’ve heard that before, right? Time wasted by not capturing opportunity (yes I’ve used it as a noun),lessens the impact. THEN it diminishes into the deep dark hole of regret. Regrets are the ultimate self destruction. The Shoulda Coulda Woulda—-describes the above 16 babbling sentences in a nut-shell. Shoulda done this and I shoulda done that….go ahead sing the country tune–now would be a good time to stay but it’s a little too late….
The greatest thing about all of this whole thing is that it’s never too late….never too late to give in, never too late to forget the past, never too late to believe in someone you thought was hopeless and never too late to live like it’s the last day of your life….yet another country tune to ponder.

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True potential

True potential…everyone has it. What have you done with yours?

Going back to the original theme of this whole blog, it’s to unleash your talent, whether its in music business, personal crap, whatever….it all has to do with a comfort level you own within yourself.

If we do anything for ourselves entirely, we are sure to fail eventually. However, if we’re seeking out how to benefit the world or others from our existence, its only a matter of time for the worlds to collide and offer huge emotional and monetary benefits.

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