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Beautiful People in Business

Startup Mom Talks about Beautiful People… More and more will we use it or lose it?

Techstars are becoming popular because they’re smart and hot.  People know how to use what they have to do business.  Not a bad idea.  Ladies, we can learn a few things from this guy.


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The Daly Planet: NASCAR’s Dirty Little Secret: Few Trucks For SPEED

The Daly Planet: NASCAR’s Dirty Little Secret: Few Trucks For SPEED.

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Flashers Anonymous Goes Public

Confessions of Queen Brandi struck home when I realized we needed to be flashers too.

Thanks QB.


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Just Say No to SEO!

The newest arrival, News Flash’s at Jason Goldberg’s bore significant Google results for consistent users.  Constant page updates by clipping headlines and headlining articles sent one user’s profile to front page Google Press on a name search.  Jason recently partnered up with is flashing headlines instead of a fat wallet.  Giving the community the reigns turning boring headlines beautiful enough to magnify click-through rates.  Their speedy, personal customer service system, stems conversation, too – covering the customer service nightmare experienced from other news sites. No need for wasting anymore dollars on SEO. If updated a couple times a day sites have no issue reaching higher rankings. Hey, if they ever needed a tagline, this could work: Stay informed, entertained and on the front page…..thanks to Google for providing the platform.

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Local Press talks to Bake the Cycle

So, the local press is making a big deal about Bake the Cycle in their little town. This is bigger than we think, the widows are putting together a drama this year. We want to film them doing this and get this into the theatre. Everyone needs to know about this story.
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San Marcos Daily Record – Breaking Bread

Published: September 04, 2008 12:17 pm

As the Rwandan mission continues for locally-based True Vineyard ministries, 10 widows in the city of Ruhengeri-Musanze now have something they could have never imagined a year ago: A full-time job.

“I think they were surprised by it (the oven) at first,” Wiley said. “Even over here in the States, it looks like a satellite, some UFO thing. So many of them have never baked in any type of oven. They just don’t have that kind of concept. Even down to trying to slice the bread, they didn’t know how to use a bread knife. This is something that is completely unknown to them.”

Ayinkamiye Velonic (right) and Uzamukunda Alivera enjoy a few minutes of break time while working at the new bakery in Rwanda.

A wall was built in three days on the land recently purchased in Ruhengeri by True Vineyard Ministries. The lot will eventually be the permanent home of the widows’ bakery.

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Solve Attrition Problems

Reading this and putting it into practice in any business could solve the alarming attrition rate in America. We are so used to just disposing of people because they don’t “fit the job” what about fitting a job around them and who they are and what they will become….how liberating.
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CW: Obviously, an organic human capital strategy has to focus on getting as many productivity employees in the organization as possible. What can a business who wants to be organic do to retain these employees once they have them?

  • Grow Old Together. Most jobs have some potential for creativity and growth. Most employees bring their own desire and potential for creativity and growth. Consider the aspirations of the individual employee. These exist, whether acknowledged or not. It is easy to believe that, once understood, these aspirations are static. But this is absolutely not the case. Aspirations change with time, with experience, with maturity, with age. Aspirations change, yet companies often have no recognition of this reality. They make no provision for the different, often uncontrollable external events going on in their employees’ lives. They treat them all the same, yet different stages of life can make you good or bad, a fit or not a fit, for different roles at different times.
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    10 widows, a house, a Sun Oven & a Sheep

    Some of you know by now I work with a ministry, a small one, making a big impact in African villages. The story is incredible. It’s God breathed, no doubt. If you know me, you know I love Jesus. This story is confirmation that there is a God, and that He loves us, and is the source of Hope. All hope, all good things and everything anyone needs to be fulfilled.

    It started with me when Erica O’Grady & I took a trip to San Marcos to see some people in the internet business, Daniel Guitierrez, & Diana Wiley. The last of these is where the story begins.

    Erica & I got to Diana’s house in San Marcos at 1AM in the morning. I’m not sure why she drug me to this strangers house at 1AM, I was so worried that we were encroaching on her, surely she wanted to go to sleep, or something.

    We got there, and they sat me down to watch this video. That’s only part of it, but it touched my heart so much, not knowing what I could do to help, but just knew I had to. Marc Nathan tells me repeatedly that and that I can’t keep helping them non-profits or I’ll starve. He has a very valid point.

    So, I don’t know how I ended up getting involved, but “Bake the Cycle” came to me as their campaign name, after learning what they were doing in Rwanda with Solar Bakeries. Through 10 widows in Rwanda they were using enterprise to break the cycle of AIDS caused from the Genocide. The plan was so HUGE that there was no doubt in my heart it was God breathed. Talking with her, sounded like hearing myself talk. About “we’re going to do this, and this, and wait this ties into this, and then there’s this program, and these people do this, and then at the end of the day there will be people with food & no reason to prostitute themselves for money. Sounded like something that needed a person to spread the word. So I did a few things, got a video started, told a few people, did a radio program with them in League City, showed them how to upload vids & that’s about it.

    Fast forward about 6 months to today. They’ve gone to Rwanda a second time, from June to July 2008. There’s a hurricane about to hit the gulf, and it’s the kids’ dad’s weekend and I’m tired of being around the same peeps, so I take a trip to see her. Literally with nothing left. Helping non-profits has not paid off for me. So WHY am I doing this? I have no idea.

    What I see next is powerful. After going through about 30 hours of video, it was apparent to me that this message must reach the world. Through 10 widows need for housing, an entire community is changed forever, and they know who to give credit to, God. There is no question there. They know where all good comes. There’s nothing but gratitude now, not to Diana, but to God. That’s good, as people we all fall short of being perfect….it doesn’t stop the work that God does. Sam & Diana are absolutely incredible people, they listened and obeyed, despite not having anything but a vision from God. They’re called to run this mission on the ground.

    I’m called to spread this message to all of you, and figure out a way to get it to the world. Purpose Media International will be producing a documentary. Today is the day to raise money to see that it’s high-quality and put together professionally. PMI also puts on the Christian Entertainment Festivals to raise money for Bake the Cycle.

    All of the proceeds go to True Vineyard Ministries to carry out this mission. If you’d like to give, to make this thing happen, there’s this thing called Rule 181. Anyone that gives money to a motion picture or TV series, gets a write off and be part of something so much bigger than anything I’ve ever seen.

    Here’s the result of last month’s trip, just by building a house, bringing a solar oven & a sheep. AMAZING.

    This has been a life-changing experience for me, too.


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