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On-Location, Live-Streaming Interview Launch

During the last few months, Dayna Marcum, founder of Local Reach and formerly Chess Executive search has experimented long enough with new media, production and live-streaming. Now it’s time to create an impact.

It makes sense to launch this service now, when the market desperately needs to save time, money and get people employed, FAST. Without further non-sense, here is what this new service is all about.

We are not recruiters, but a team comprised of professional interviewers and producers using our talents in production, new media, employment and technology industries to impact the world. We believe in people being comfortable in their own setting, from flip-flops to suits & ties – your way, is the only way.

Hire us if one of the following apply:
A: Could impact to the world with your service or talent.

B: Ready to embrace the technology of today for your business or personal development.

C: On board with saving time, money and paper to stimulate the economy through streamlining the hiring/interview process.

D: Interested in offering people “An Insiders View” of your company/talent level.

E. Ready to have fun while producing a real-life company/personal campaign.

Do You Fit as a Client?

Yes, this business supports all types of companies and prospective talent:

Interview/Early Entrepreneur Coaching:
A fit for any executive or upper-management candidate looking to improve interview, presentation, or speaking skills to land an executive level/upper management position, launch a new business or uncover areas of creative talent. Media content is produced privately and/or publicly dependent on client need.

Corporations/Recruiting Firms
Businesses of all sizes seeking to save time and money by bringing efficiency to the hiring process and utilize the social web. On-location interviews create the ability to interact with the prospective candidate live in the comfort of the office or favorite virtual work-space.

This service includes a live-streamed production: “An Insiders View”, a real-life walkthrough of your company or firm complete with impromptu interviews of leadership for prospective talent or a marketing/recruiting branding tool for social media platforms.

Outplacement/Employment Services
Outplacement firms/Companies experiencing lay offs hire us to interview those being laid off from a position. Created in a group setting, any interested party looking to hire can ask, live, any of the candidates questions during the session.

We are about helping people in need. Should a business like us to support their non-profit with live walkthroughs and event broadcasting. We would be delighted to include their event should it take place while at your location. Here’s a sample, uploaded to Facebook, a casual walkthrough to give an inside look of how things work, from an “insiders” perspective.

Interview Tours:
This is perhaps the most exciting service. Sponsored by companies interested in spreading their brand. We design and produce a multi-city tour and events with on-the-street journalism and a live-talent competition. Each campaign is custom built and marketed toward the client target market/demographic. Our broadcast team engages in conversations of life topics: career, talent and economic challenges strengths and weaknesses. Watch us in action at the Envision08 Event.
All broadcast activity is live-streamed, and available to watch later, then sent to all web PR partners across the world. Our live-crew brands with company gear, this also includes a company “An Insiders View” reality-based production.

How Much Does It Cost?

Interview & Development Clients: 2hr, 4hr or daily sessions plus travel/per diem. (may be sponsored by a firm experiencing lay offs). Pricing is consistent with professional services such as an attorney or an accountant fee.

Businesses: One Time Fee or Retainer with 6 or 12 month contracts. All pricing and engagement is dependent on size, location and current/future company objectives. Most services begin with the price of your upper management recruiting fees.

Tours: Size/Scope Dependent, beginning at $25,000.00, the cost of one middle management recruiting fee.

To engage our services, contact Dayna Marcum:
Twitter: daynamarcum (follow me and we’ll DM)
Facebook (Here you can find my other contact information)

Note from Dayna:
As we grow, we are opening up the call for professional interviewers and journalists with production experience to jump on board with us, as we embrace the technology to stimulate the economy, one person at a time.


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Twitter-it, Twitter-licious

I’m not sure, but Twitter has to be the coolest thing since sliced bread.  And Sliced bread is cool–otherwise we’d be still peeling apart french loaves for sandwiches–in fact, those wouldn’t really exist–anyhoo, I love this tool.

Twitter is basically a group of obsessive IM-ers (I’m one of them) that follow what each other does based on random posts of 140 characters or less.  @organ_printer is the directions guy for Houston, he lets everyone know where the stop-gaps are and what’s going on–like no ATM’s so bring cash, or whatever.  Everyone listens when @marc1919 Twitters b/c he’s the go-to guy in the social media world for investor info and any kind of connection you want.  @ericaogrady is the one that told me about it, and she’s always doing cool things and has a huge following–she’s a pro at this social networking world and we can all learn alot from her…..

At any rate, it’s cool to see what @mistykhan is doing b/c she’s always doing something cool with her new sales plugin for Outlook–EVERY sales person that uses out look on the planet should have this plug in–its so inexpensive and can save immense amounts of time and face when following up, and all the other things sales people have a hard time tracking…..LOVE it–It’s Called Huntress Pro–go check it out.

I love the internet and am so excited about seeing what it can really do to help the super-small business….time to get to work.


My Picks

I was thinking about this. I can’t expect something of you guys that I haven’t done myslelf.
I’ve known my neighborhood picks for a while, just haven’t listed them–for one reason or another–anyway, here they are! These guys will be the first to have their new media profile. Check out their websites for now, I hope you get some value out of them!

Give your Picks Anyone know how the cut & paste short cuts on a MAC?

Personal Trainer/Gym-Brandon (don’t know his last name) @ 24Hour in Friendswood.

Doctor: Dr. Geoffrey Klein–He is an amazing OB/GYN with the best attitude and personality. He doesn’t take any chances and is always there for you. I can’t forget about Dr. Thomas Rowe, High Risk pregnancy doctor–he and Dr. Klein worked together to help us through some rough times with my 2nd son, Kamron.

Day Care-Childrens Lighthouse of Magnolia Creek. All I have to say is WOW. They love my kids–I love everyone there, and we really are family to them. Tanya & her husband have the most giving attitudes and are always working on the dream they made reality.

Activities: If your kids are into music, if you know Kenli, she plays the drums-her teacher, Paul Kush, is awesome!

Realtors: Of course, Jenna Sidenstricker, Prudential Realtors–she’s not only an icredible person, but also very ambitious, consciensious, dedicated and passionate about serving her customers needs to the fullest!

Recruiters: This is a tough one, being one for so long. I’ve run into many, but one in particular sticks out to me these days. Lynne @ Mastercruits. Although I’m not thrilled with the 10% fees they’re giving, she has the true sense of what the process is about, genuinely cares about her clients & candidates. I think we’ll end up working together on many things in the future.
Churches: Bay Area Community Church
-hands down, the best church for me. They’re truy focused on outreach, helping and connecting with one another on their walk through life with Christ. My kids LOVE kids cove and I love being a part of the awesome things we’re doing for the community. It’s an extension of love, and it’s a rare find–an experience everyone should at least try.


Right Direction

I got it, we’re helping people find what they can’t find on their own. Helping businesses get noticed to people that otherwise would have never had a chance, and growing the local businesses ability to give back more. When you’re not strapped for cash, (which easily translates into getting more PAYING customers) we’re able to give back to others more often regular and with a whole heart.
So this got me thinking. Since these profiles will be free, (Yahoo! is charging 9.95/month for them) they’ll absolutely be “in” and those that already recognize the value of internet advertising will be even MORE excited about this, at least that’s my thought.

In my recruiting business the “cold call” is our advertising. It’s the most primitive form of sales, and it still works, very well–but only if you want to have a conversation with someone. What if, just imagine this, a small business network talking openly to their soon to be customer about the inner-workings of their business, how they do it, what made them do it, why they do it and what drives their culture…..people want to know this information.

In a very selfish way, this whole internet venture is somewhat isolating, I think the other net-preneurs out there may agree. There’s a way to have the best of both worlds, though. By connecting with each new business owner, I can learn so much about everything (and the company). I’m going to “interview” every new business and give stats on their profiles of my progress with their owners. It will be a call and an email form they fill & forward with their answers, posted on their “biz-blog”. Now for the Privacy Policy–wish me luck!

K-its out in the open…ready, set, GO!

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So, here it is. My 3rd blog, this one is for the new company we just formed about a month ago. I was thinking about who to use for the blogging and WordPress made sense after looking at Studio 125’s blog/site, and it was perfect for what we need here.

Honestly, I struggled with how to make this, professional talk, or more of what this is all about, which is people helping people. If we’re going to help anyone, we can’t be anyone but ourselves, so that’s just what we’ll be.

We’re excited about this venture, helping people find their life-services. You know that feeling when you move to a new town, and you only know a few people? Right. Me too. Not only that, but all of the fantastic businesses should have a chance to get to know the new-comers and have a chance to earn their business.

We’ve thought about it, and making the value for the businesses is really the key.

We want to add to their ad/marketing campaign to get them visible, in a local setting, a referral tool. Getting them set up with the coolest that the web has to offer is the ultimate goal. Why shouldn’t everyone benefit from the cool things going on inside the wonderful world of the internet??

They will, and they can continue to run their business–we’ll worry about getting them the interested customers and giving them their own little piece of the ultra-cool internet space!

The Back-Story:

Everyone has one, so here it goes. It started with the fact that I love recruiting and connecting people, adding value to the lives of others and working with all sides. So, without knowing it, all of these different opportunities to help started showing up. Then, the idea came. and I went for it. Simple as that. But it had to be right and really create value–and sooner or later some money, right? Then I started thinking about how businesses might WANT a tool to get interested customers in the door….the revenue model was staring me in the face, but because we were so focused, it didn’t even occur to me that this could be a huge value to everyone. Even the businesses supporting the 1st line customers!

I’m BIG into strategic partnerships, as it turns out, so are most of the other businesses that we should align with, and they already have it set up, which is super!

We still have tons of work to do for the beta phase, but the alpha site is just about complete–working on the site flow on my living room floor, as we speak–or in between sentences.

We need a call to action. When you get the email from us that the site is live, please take like 10 minutes and recommend every life-service in your little world. That alone will be one significant driving force in our success.

Before we begin, I just want to thank everyone that’s supported me through this crazy new thing, listening to my way-out-left ideas and helping to form them into this gig. Not sure what will happen from here, but so far so good.

Join in, have some fun and let’s give back!

Speaking of, I found this the Windows IM tool–I like what they’re up to….may even integrate it into the site–would love to get thoughts.


Turning Points

We all have a turning point in our life that we remember. Funny thing is that we remember it while we’re going through yet, another turning point. –Looking back or looking forward. It pretty much all comes down to that when you’re getting close to some sort of huge success in life. Realizing that something is SO important that all the “mistakes” you made in the past actually matter because we LEARNED from them, right? Not sure about you, but that’s a real cool thing, to know with out a doubt that you NEVER want to go back to that dark place that didn’t add any value what-so-ever to your life now. Whatever it was, it just took away from life–but we didn’t know it then.Walking blind. Swishing a a guide-stick like a day job to get us through while our true passion is figured out. Some of us figure this out at a very early age and don’t let anything come between us and our goals, sacrificing human relationships because of it. While the rest of us put our human relationships between us and a measure of success….but some super talented and fulfilled people have a nice, healthy balance. They say no to people and to success at the same time. Why not say Yes to both??? It’s totally possible to have it all! Why the limitations? Fear of change, fear and more fear of the unknown. Then fear….back to fear of failure, second guessing and looking back “reflection”…not necessarily of how you came out of a situation with soaring colors, but the situation. It’s just a situation, whether it’s intentional or not–there’s always a way out.

A good way & a bad way—a choice to make, right? Wo, we’re getting deep…

But why not have it all? It’s possible, but it takes a ton of “work”….entrepreneurs have to describe it as work to be credible to the rest…..but it’s not really work because that’s when they shine, are in the element and excited and exuberant ideas start flowing….another topic for another day…

So, what do you get when you put 2 entrepreneurs in a room? 24 different ways to help other’s lives easier, and a boat load of work for the techie’s, accountants & lawyers.

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