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Changes in Time

We’ve all heard it: “The only constant is change”.  True, so true how we enable change by each decision. There is nothing more certain than change. It is amazing how this truth reveals itself in the development of a child, circumstances and chance meetings at work or at the store, or even at the loss or gift of a loved one.

Soon our son, Kai, will be 9 months old. What an awesome journey motherhood is for a woman. A gift that is so simple to miss entirely, especially when immersed in the day to day functions of care-giving. Today is the day for a change; to allow Today to be its own gift.

Each morning my grandmother woke up, made her bed, and said “This is the day the Lord has made” I finished it “and I will rejoice and be glad in it”! Then we made coffee and shared our thoughts for the day along a walk down her country dirt road. Those memories bring peace and joy into my heart as I think about the impact she made in my life. I wonder if my kids will remember these things as they age, or will the minutia of life get in the way absorbing the memories into the oblivion.

Taking time to “be” with one another, shedding the clock, all technology, responsibilities, and issues is where my Today is found. As Kai takes his morning nap, I can feel Today returning to our house. It’s a wonderful feeling to live in the moment and capture the essence of being who we are created to be, free in Christ – indeed.

A while back I wrote a little poem about Today, called “Remember Today”. At the time the world as I knew it was about to close in on me. I did not know it at the time but soon after this amazing experience I would face three solid years of pure torment. Looking back, the Today journey God blessed me with kept me. When I say “kept”, I mean it really did give me hope that one day would be like that one again. I say all of these things to myself, primarily. Because I know change is coming again – but if Today is the day, and He has made it – then all is well, and I can go there again – with those I love, because it is no fun to experience Today alone.

“Remember Today”

When its all said and done
Did I reach everyone
You set before my path
Each time I let pass
to do the things You ask
Plays tricks on my mind
Each time I fall behind

So what can I say
What can I do
to stay here with You
in this moment of time
It fly’s, it fly’s away
Never again will this be the same
so the next thing to do
Is remember today.

Living for You is like a dream
but I can’t feel You with me
there’s so just too many things to do
How can I follow along
When I’ve done so many things wrong
These thoughts, they beat me down
Take one look at our world around.

You reached me, I heard the call
With this grip You have on me, I won’t fall
God, help me, I need to believe
My life is Yours, to shine
I’ll ask for your heart – to give you mine
And live every breath to give to someone else.
So, what can I say….


LinkedIn Local

Alright, I’m coming clean. I am a LinkedIn-aholic. We need meetings–no, seriously.

LinkedIn, for those of you outside the social network-o’sphere, this is a network of professionals based on the 6 degrees of separation theory.

I know, they got funded and now they charge for their profile, but it’s just that valuable!

Now, we’re going to take it to the streets. Shall we?

Why not, that’s what Local Reach is all about, right? We bring the power of the internet to the people.

Let me know what you think about this one. Doing a Professional Networking “101” for high-schoolers. They’re already online promoting who knows what–lets teach them that Myspace isn’t the only tool out there–oh yes.

Each LinkedIn Local person will deliver the schpeel–but we might not want to call it that–Local Reach OutReach is what I was thinking.

I’m very open to thoughts about this.