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Live from Kaua’i Tsunami Alert

Here’s some of the live coverage from the tsumami on Sunday.

It was the island’s largest entertainer this year. It brought more views than the Jewish rapper. I think the next big thing is Startup Weekend, Hawaii!


Hawaii & Startup Weekend

Hawaii Startup Weekend.

We’re so excited that Startup Weekend is coming to Kaua’i! Our cast is actively involved in putting together some adventure and shows during this conference at The Hyatt.  See you there!

We will be launching the Making the Brand Show on March 17, 2010. Don’t forget to tune in for clips from Marc & Clint about their new project in Haiti!


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Great Post by Mindeliver Media

Life is Fleeting so Connect | Mindeliver Media.

I really like this company and am excited to partner with them for our branding, talent search and touring service.  This is what the web is all about.  Finding people with talent and promoting fun, adventures that help people break free.  An island vacation with our people is one of the most memorable experiences of a life time.  Not to mention all the fun we’ll have producing shows!

Mahalo @mindeliver Great Post!



On-Location, Live-Streaming Interview Launch

During the last few months, Dayna Marcum, founder of Local Reach and formerly Chess Executive search has experimented long enough with new media, production and live-streaming. Now it’s time to create an impact.

It makes sense to launch this service now, when the market desperately needs to save time, money and get people employed, FAST. Without further non-sense, here is what this new service is all about.

We are not recruiters, but a team comprised of professional interviewers and producers using our talents in production, new media, employment and technology industries to impact the world. We believe in people being comfortable in their own setting, from flip-flops to suits & ties – your way, is the only way.

Hire us if one of the following apply:
A: Could impact to the world with your service or talent.

B: Ready to embrace the technology of today for your business or personal development.

C: On board with saving time, money and paper to stimulate the economy through streamlining the hiring/interview process.

D: Interested in offering people “An Insiders View” of your company/talent level.

E. Ready to have fun while producing a real-life company/personal campaign.

Do You Fit as a Client?

Yes, this business supports all types of companies and prospective talent:

Interview/Early Entrepreneur Coaching:
A fit for any executive or upper-management candidate looking to improve interview, presentation, or speaking skills to land an executive level/upper management position, launch a new business or uncover areas of creative talent. Media content is produced privately and/or publicly dependent on client need.

Corporations/Recruiting Firms
Businesses of all sizes seeking to save time and money by bringing efficiency to the hiring process and utilize the social web. On-location interviews create the ability to interact with the prospective candidate live in the comfort of the office or favorite virtual work-space.

This service includes a live-streamed production: “An Insiders View”, a real-life walkthrough of your company or firm complete with impromptu interviews of leadership for prospective talent or a marketing/recruiting branding tool for social media platforms.

Outplacement/Employment Services
Outplacement firms/Companies experiencing lay offs hire us to interview those being laid off from a position. Created in a group setting, any interested party looking to hire can ask, live, any of the candidates questions during the session.

We are about helping people in need. Should a business like us to support their non-profit with live walkthroughs and event broadcasting. We would be delighted to include their event should it take place while at your location. Here’s a sample, uploaded to Facebook, a casual walkthrough to give an inside look of how things work, from an “insiders” perspective.

Interview Tours:
This is perhaps the most exciting service. Sponsored by companies interested in spreading their brand. We design and produce a multi-city tour and events with on-the-street journalism and a live-talent competition. Each campaign is custom built and marketed toward the client target market/demographic. Our broadcast team engages in conversations of life topics: career, talent and economic challenges strengths and weaknesses. Watch us in action at the Envision08 Event.
All broadcast activity is live-streamed, and available to watch later, then sent to all web PR partners across the world. Our live-crew brands with company gear, this also includes a company “An Insiders View” reality-based production.

How Much Does It Cost?

Interview & Development Clients: 2hr, 4hr or daily sessions plus travel/per diem. (may be sponsored by a firm experiencing lay offs). Pricing is consistent with professional services such as an attorney or an accountant fee.

Businesses: One Time Fee or Retainer with 6 or 12 month contracts. All pricing and engagement is dependent on size, location and current/future company objectives. Most services begin with the price of your upper management recruiting fees.

Tours: Size/Scope Dependent, beginning at $25,000.00, the cost of one middle management recruiting fee.

To engage our services, contact Dayna Marcum:
Twitter: daynamarcum (follow me and we’ll DM)
Facebook (Here you can find my other contact information)

Note from Dayna:
As we grow, we are opening up the call for professional interviewers and journalists with production experience to jump on board with us, as we embrace the technology to stimulate the economy, one person at a time.


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Flashers Anonymous Goes Public

Confessions of Queen Brandi struck home when I realized we needed to be flashers too.

Thanks QB.


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Twitter-it, Twitter-licious

I’m not sure, but Twitter has to be the coolest thing since sliced bread.  And Sliced bread is cool–otherwise we’d be still peeling apart french loaves for sandwiches–in fact, those wouldn’t really exist–anyhoo, I love this tool.

Twitter is basically a group of obsessive IM-ers (I’m one of them) that follow what each other does based on random posts of 140 characters or less.  @organ_printer is the directions guy for Houston, he lets everyone know where the stop-gaps are and what’s going on–like no ATM’s so bring cash, or whatever.  Everyone listens when @marc1919 Twitters b/c he’s the go-to guy in the social media world for investor info and any kind of connection you want.  @ericaogrady is the one that told me about it, and she’s always doing cool things and has a huge following–she’s a pro at this social networking world and we can all learn alot from her…..

At any rate, it’s cool to see what @mistykhan is doing b/c she’s always doing something cool with her new sales plugin for Outlook–EVERY sales person that uses out look on the planet should have this plug in–its so inexpensive and can save immense amounts of time and face when following up, and all the other things sales people have a hard time tracking…..LOVE it–It’s Called Huntress Pro–go check it out.

I love the internet and am so excited about seeing what it can really do to help the super-small business….time to get to work.


Ads for Cause

Promoting Causes.

You support something. We all do, whether we volunteer donate cars, boats, cold hard cash, our blood sweat & tears, etc….many people adopt causes because they’ve seen a loved one helped by this place. Ever thought of how they got noticed? Word of mouth, more than likely. This site is word of mouth. Why wouldn’t we promote the causes we give 10% to through advertising. Our ads will be the company’s way of promoting their supported NPO by sponsoring an advertisement for them. They deserve to get noticed….their marketing budget is slim to none and the archaic media of the past isn’t doing them any favors…..yes, the ntfaAds program will advertise for the good ol’ boys and girls….the way it ought to be. If a business supports a church, organization, affiliation, association, whatever, they can opt sponsor ads for them through our site, and through the Tithe 10 program, we give 10% of their purchase to that organization.

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