Kaua’i Big Wind & Waves: March 1

28 Feb

Surf News Network.

First, thank you for the safety wishes and lots of prayers for us down here in Kaua’i. �God heard you and we were spared, and continue to pray for Chile and Japan, who may be next on the tsunami wave radar. �

We are so thankful that the tsunami did not hit the Hawaiian islands. �We are all prepared and ready. �If anything ever does happen, we have a Free Store where you could send stuff ahead of time; we’ll be activating a disaster plan soon, send stuff anytime to: Free Store Kauai in Kapa’a, HI.Follow/Friend @freestorekauai�. �This is Hawaii, but like any city/state we have people in need; desperate need actually — especially of shoes/slippers and Toddler Girl’s & Boy’s clothing. �

We do have some really big surf and winds today, tonight and tomorrow from a storm 800 miles away. �My friend Merri, an avid surfer, stays away from the surf in these conditions, she said “It reminds me of the hurricane”. �She’s been on island for over 20 years. �

At any rate, just wanted to give you guys this information. If you know anything about any storm coming or have any weather knowledge of how this could affect us, please TWEET @kauaiday.��The wind is intriguing for Kiters like Pete, but I bet he’s even steering clear because they gust, then die down. �If the wind dies, the kite goes down, leaving kiters in the ocean– not fun – experienced Kiters like Pete (I call them The Wind Chasers) know all the tricks on how to get to shore or catch the next gust. �

So, from Kauai, we’re all safe and sound – today there’s no one on the beach, it’s really rough and the tide has been up all day with the gusty winds. �It reminds me of the Texas Coast – and Galveston Bay’s choppy water�before Hurricane Ike. It�helps to have some hurricane experience, ’round these parts…. cause ‘ya just never know. �

Keep an eye out for us – our island is the furthest West, and the first one to get the North winds.�


via Kaua’i Big Wind & Waves: March 1.

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