Great Answers to Web Branding through Video

07 Aug
These people on Linkedin had some great answers to a question I asked the other day. I especially love the answer about the COMMUNITY determining the validity of a video. Once a company understands that the audience on the web is escaping advertising and marketing, they may catch onto allowing their employees to create their own documentaries, good & bad–then promote their employee’s brand vs. their own.
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Why are businesses still making antiviral videos and expecting viral results?

Can you really “make” a video go viral? Isn’t it the community that ultimately decides what goes viral. A business can create something that may qualify as viral worthy, but unless people share the video, it doesn’t matter.

I think the key is creating story about a business or brand that resonates with an audience, but some of that is still trial and error.

Messages from Miguel Cano (1):

It’s not just with video but with the web in general. We’re what, 10+ years into this whole innernets thing and lots of marketing people still don’t understand if you want to broadcast the SOS on the web, the message will be ignored. Create something interesting and human and it has a much better chance to resonate with people even if it is not a huge viral success.

Brett Scarlett

Miguel Cano

Adam Jewell

Allen Laudenslager

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