Turning 30

11 Jul

This is weird.  Three decades old.  It’s awesome, though.  Now that I’m officially a grown-up, it’s even more liberating to “act” like a twenty-something.  So before this day in history, I messed up a lot, rand a successful recruiting business from 21-29, bore 2 beautiful children, married a guy, got divorced from the guy, watched my family evolve into a unit, lost a unit member, became aware that life is not about me, but about other people, gave up my life, again, to Christ, got into web video production somehow, made another company, have a whole new set of friends and connections, started a non-profit and now, here I sit writing this–I only have one thing–a day, today.  One day to make a difference.  No guarantee of tomorrow, all the opportunity in the world to help another person by just being who I am, nothing more nothing less…just me.  Using this time to benefit others in the best way possible.  With the help of other people, the talents I’ve been given can grow into something huge—but without them, those talents aren’t magnified to serve others.  So, thank you to the family, old friends and new, networking buddies and everyone in the sphere of influence.  The interim pastor at our church said this: when you encounter someone else, your life is never the same.  You’re changed.  Good or bad, they added something to you.  That changed me.  Thanks again!

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