Video for iPhone?

09 Jul
This service says it has iphone functionality/support for the iphone. Not sure about yours, but my iphone doesn’t have video, which is a huge bummer. Am I missing something? Please let me know so I can be really, really, excited that I can shoot video and use this awesome service to send the webTV shows we create across the world. Seriously, this is a really cool tool. Anyone coming to a live Good Business show this year, feel free to video it and send it to all your friends using this awesome tool. I love how they’re just making getting good content out there easier and easier!
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Among the new features, users can now register and download the client software through Nokia Symbian Series 60 mobile browsers. Before broadcasting, users can specify whether to increase video quality or decrease delay. With new two-way text chat, broadcasters can write back messages to the comments area that appears during a broadcast from their mobile device. They can also change title videos during broadcasts and enjoy digital zoom-in and zoom-out.

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