Best Quote of 2007

30 Dec

It is what it is.  What describes “it” better than that? Nothing more, nothing less, “it” just “is”.   So, 2007 came and is nearly gone.  What a year.  I’m get the feeling most of us are starting to see that there’s more to life than a paycheck, a schedule and taxes.  If you’re one of the lucky ones, congratulations.Welcome to the team.  B4 2008 take: About Money: Money makes life convenient.  Very convenient.  So convenient, in fact, that the more of it we have, the more things we get to fill more of our time that we supposedly “don’t have”.  2007 is my 29th year.  I knew it would be big,  but I had no idea it would change me forever.Top 10 2007:#1: Life is short.  #2: Yesterday is a lesson for Today, it’s gone and it will never return.  #3: Live in the NOW.#4: If I’m not giving, I’m not getting. #5: God is Real#6: Shining THE Light is a gift.#7: No one thinks what you think they think.#8: We’re all made to be happy, it’s the junk we believe that covers it up.#9: Fear diminishes when you Live Loud#10: Being called a Big Kid is a compliment.  This year, I’ll be me, and you be you….how you are is perfect for how you believe right this minute.

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