Hope for Thanksgiving

20 Nov

Thank God for Thanksgiving.  We just delivered to dinners to the less fortunate and it was a wake-up call to thank God, yet again, for all the gifts He’s given.  My struggles are nothing compared to the trials of most.  Yet, I can’t help but wonder how they can buy cigarettes at 5$ a pack and accept food from strangers. I guess it’s normal. The more fortunate send helping hands away because A. Undeserving B. The Guard Goes Down.  Why is that? The more fortunate we get, the more rigid we become to accepting the true gifts (true gifts, like love, affection, caregiving, advice, truth, etc.)  That might explain this story:In the Bay Area (Houston) today, there was a guy standing on a corner–this isn’t a regular occurrence in our part of town.  His sign said “We all need a little help sometimes” .  So, I rolled down my window and gave him a book I had in the side of my seat: Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.  He replied “Lady, I’ve read a lot of books”. I’m not sure what he did with the book, I didn’t see it laying on the ground, so maybe he stuffed it in his jacket.  I had to go back that same direction after my errand and he was still there…This time I looked him in the eyes and he totally backed away and went to the very front of the car line. Out of my sight.  The “little help” he needed, was an open mind.  People fall on hard times, it doesn’t mean they’re not human. In fact they’re too human….if that makes any sense. Faith, values, morals, courage, motivation, will-power, hope…..a lack of any combination of these sends us into a downward tailspin.  The one’s we’ve seen on the streets are there, and by running away we’re not helping.  The next time you see someone begging for something….give them what they really want: Hope.Hope that they’ll get out of the rut, one day they’ll find a way to get back on their feet, be a success story and teach others how hopelessness was the demise of their future. 

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Posted by on November 20, 2007 in small business


One response to “Hope for Thanksgiving

  1. Jay D

    November 27, 2007 at 5:14 am

    I remember walking to class one day (mid-December 1977) and coming upon a guy who was beyond down on his luck… laying in squalor on the drag next to campus. I went about my day trying to recall where I’d seen him before when, hours later, it occurred to me that he used t/b a doctor in my hometown. When I returned to that spot on my way to the shuttle bus, he was gone. But, 2 days later, there he was when I returned headed to class. I chatted with him and learned that he’d moved there to be closer to his daughters (who I also knew) who were in sororities. As he recounted… he’d gotten caught cheating on his wife, and had turned to drugs which led to a mental breakdown. About the time he lost his medical license and, while uninsured, he had a heart attack which left him destitute. It was quite a poignant story knowing that even his daughters no longer had anything to do with him. I asked him if he wanted a burger, to which he replied, “How ’bout a beer… for old times sakes!”


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