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15 Nov is a group that supports non-profit’s in the community, through social media. Right down my alley and a total worth-it two hours of anyone’s time. Ed Schipul of Schipul Web Marketing puts this gig on every month. The people are outstanding. we genuinely want to help these folks, and the primary obstacle is awareness. I move to build upon the idea, Ads for Cause immediately. I would like to survey the opensource people and some of the large ad networks to see if they would sponsor something like this to get it moving at a quicker pace. I would love nothing more than to see this idea take off where do-gooders will be publicized by their donors and the donors are the sponsors of the ads. People will identify more with a cause than a for-profit product, am I right? I would buy a zillion widgets from someone who supports Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Which, by the way, please don’t forget to suppor the text to win campaign for IBC in our mobile sweepstakes on Mobile Koopons, a text coupon company, here in Houston is sponsoring it as well. Back to the CauseAds, I’m so serious about this, if anyone reads this blog let me know who to talk with about getting this done.

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Posted by on November 15, 2007 in small business


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