Small Business Internet Phobia

08 Nov

You know it’s there. Your customers surf it daily, your site may even come up # 1, but what do your potential customers really want to know? They want to know you exist in their world. The more places you are on the web, the more likely you are to be found. But where do you get the time to publish your content to the web? We’re so busy running our own day-to-day operations that we can’t even think about promoting our business….until our customer base slows down…yikes, then what? You’re in quite a pickle. Income dips and you can’t afford to get the word out or spend on advertising. Does the cycle sound familiar?
There is a solution. Work with an ongoing campaign that works while you sleep. Your articles & information…post it, and forget it. Get it on the web, in your site, on other sites, in forums & blogs. If you set aside 2 afternoons a month on your internet presence, you’re beating your brick & mortar competition by miles. Your customer can get to know your business, from you and your employees by finding you everywhere on the web. Where they are, right? Do you surf the net at night? Publish videos, pictures, look at products, make buying decisions? We all do. You are your customer, be where they are….in social media, web 2.0

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Posted by on November 8, 2007 in small business


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