Twitter-it, Twitter-licious

01 Nov

I’m not sure, but Twitter has to be the coolest thing since sliced bread.  And Sliced bread is cool–otherwise we’d be still peeling apart french loaves for sandwiches–in fact, those wouldn’t really exist–anyhoo, I love this tool.

Twitter is basically a group of obsessive IM-ers (I’m one of them) that follow what each other does based on random posts of 140 characters or less.  @organ_printer is the directions guy for Houston, he lets everyone know where the stop-gaps are and what’s going on–like no ATM’s so bring cash, or whatever.  Everyone listens when @marc1919 Twitters b/c he’s the go-to guy in the social media world for investor info and any kind of connection you want.  @ericaogrady is the one that told me about it, and she’s always doing cool things and has a huge following–she’s a pro at this social networking world and we can all learn alot from her…..

At any rate, it’s cool to see what @mistykhan is doing b/c she’s always doing something cool with her new sales plugin for Outlook–EVERY sales person that uses out look on the planet should have this plug in–its so inexpensive and can save immense amounts of time and face when following up, and all the other things sales people have a hard time tracking…..LOVE it–It’s Called Huntress Pro–go check it out.

I love the internet and am so excited about seeing what it can really do to help the super-small business….time to get to work.


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