Fear, The Backseat Driver

26 Oct

Change = good to great.
From one entrepreneur to another…yes, we are real people and probably the most open about our battles of our own brains, the following is a snippet from mine, this Sunday afternoon.

Seriously, the terms are synonymous. When you change something we’re fixing something that isn’t working. Fixing or improving a strategy is imperative to all business growth. It’s not failure, it’s only failure if you quit and don’t learn from your mistakes. “Fail Forward”-as my favorite author, John Maxwell says. One of my “business plans” has “changed” or been fixed, fine tuned, improved and re-proofed about a dozen times in my head from the first time I wrote it. Not bad, considering 11 of them were still pretty good. I settled in, and realized that the more things I added in, complicated it– and made it more difficult for me an others to comprehend. At first, people “got it” …then they added their two cents. I followed, and subsequently created the confusion by incorporating what everyone else wanted into it….my advice, stay focused on YOUR plan. If others want to be in on it, will they’ll invest and get to work with you? Chances are not likely…I have proposed the request…a few are surprised, others think it is a smart remark. Anyone with an idea to improve or change is, at heart, an innovator–however, they have let fear stand boldly in the way of their proposed million $ idea.

To all my fearless entrepreneur friends, what will you do with that script or idea you just wrote on a napkin? Can’t figure out how to make money from it? Will you:
A: Put it in a drawer? (a few of mine still have a resting place there)
B: Use your current talents elsewhere and let someone else promote your pipe-dream, for free?
C: Conquer your fear and make a few cold calls? It’s FREEZING in here.

Some ideas are worth the cold calls…..fearless leaders…..don’t be scared of the phone.

One last thing, and this is important.
Breathing purpose, passion and direction into your plan as it develops is the only component that will give your idea wings. Anything that helps people for free is a plan with purpose and meaning.

P.S. Once you get funding, please don’t be rude or adopt a high & mighty attitude….Most people like to drive a car, without back-seat drivers.

Dayna Marcum
Local Reach LLC

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