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11 Oct

Today I realized that this company is inspiring people.  The world as we know it is internet savvy, yet we still have a long way to come.  For people like me, the internet is just one massive marketing tool.  In a literal sense, this means it’s outside the box. Outside the walls of the company, the job you’re doing today, your kids, your hobbies, your church.  Yet, we still use it because it’s “free”.

Most business owners still only use the internet for personal purposes to get a brochure up for their current customer, to find a “something”.  Will we give it a chance to work for business?….it’s baffling.

We have all of this brain and influence still inside our heads.  Think of how great it will be when we can all broadcast our knowledge, faith and causes in local communities, unregulated by the city, HOA or one commercial oriented platform.

Thinking point: Think like your customer, be where your customer is when he/she isn’t in your presence, or being called by you.  We’ve seen the power of billboards, TV, Print and Radio, why is using the internet so hard to grasp?

For one, it’s scary.  We tend to find faults before goodness.  I’m a lucky one, there is opportunity in everything, but first, it’s my job to help you feel at ease with the idea that businesses, any business can freely distribute any information they choose on the internet through a variety of distribution channels.  Think of a warehouse that has many different loading docks, each going to a destination, like a spiderweb.  That is the essence of maximizing the internet for the community.  Think of the new residents reaction to a tech-savvy little town–how awesome!

FREE, in most cases.  My purpose isn’t to help the larger-than-life companies, I want to help the life-companies, the people completely happy in their own bubble, yet not satisfied with the status quo.  I want to help the needy, the give-till-it-hurts, little guy/gal.

K, I’m done. Have a wonderful day and may God pour out many blessings to you!

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