Ads for Cause

27 Sep

Promoting Causes.

You support something. We all do, whether we volunteer donate cars, boats, cold hard cash, our blood sweat & tears, etc….many people adopt causes because they’ve seen a loved one helped by this place. Ever thought of how they got noticed? Word of mouth, more than likely. This site is word of mouth. Why wouldn’t we promote the causes we give 10% to through advertising. Our ads will be the company’s way of promoting their supported NPO by sponsoring an advertisement for them. They deserve to get noticed….their marketing budget is slim to none and the archaic media of the past isn’t doing them any favors…..yes, the ntfaAds program will advertise for the good ol’ boys and girls….the way it ought to be. If a business supports a church, organization, affiliation, association, whatever, they can opt sponsor ads for them through our site, and through the Tithe 10 program, we give 10% of their purchase to that organization.

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