My Picks

29 Aug

I was thinking about this. I can’t expect something of you guys that I haven’t done myslelf.
I’ve known my neighborhood picks for a while, just haven’t listed them–for one reason or another–anyway, here they are! These guys will be the first to have their new media profile. Check out their websites for now, I hope you get some value out of them!

Give your Picks Anyone know how the cut & paste short cuts on a MAC?

Personal Trainer/Gym-Brandon (don’t know his last name) @ 24Hour in Friendswood.

Doctor: Dr. Geoffrey Klein–He is an amazing OB/GYN with the best attitude and personality. He doesn’t take any chances and is always there for you. I can’t forget about Dr. Thomas Rowe, High Risk pregnancy doctor–he and Dr. Klein worked together to help us through some rough times with my 2nd son, Kamron.

Day Care-Childrens Lighthouse of Magnolia Creek. All I have to say is WOW. They love my kids–I love everyone there, and we really are family to them. Tanya & her husband have the most giving attitudes and are always working on the dream they made reality.

Activities: If your kids are into music, if you know Kenli, she plays the drums-her teacher, Paul Kush, is awesome!

Realtors: Of course, Jenna Sidenstricker, Prudential Realtors–she’s not only an icredible person, but also very ambitious, consciensious, dedicated and passionate about serving her customers needs to the fullest!

Recruiters: This is a tough one, being one for so long. I’ve run into many, but one in particular sticks out to me these days. Lynne @ Mastercruits. Although I’m not thrilled with the 10% fees they’re giving, she has the true sense of what the process is about, genuinely cares about her clients & candidates. I think we’ll end up working together on many things in the future.
Churches: Bay Area Community Church
-hands down, the best church for me. They’re truy focused on outreach, helping and connecting with one another on their walk through life with Christ. My kids LOVE kids cove and I love being a part of the awesome things we’re doing for the community. It’s an extension of love, and it’s a rare find–an experience everyone should at least try.


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