Right Direction

27 Aug

I got it, we’re helping people find what they can’t find on their own. Helping businesses get noticed to people that otherwise would have never had a chance, and growing the local businesses ability to give back more. When you’re not strapped for cash, (which easily translates into getting more PAYING customers) we’re able to give back to others more often regular and with a whole heart.
So this got me thinking. Since these profiles will be free, (Yahoo! is charging 9.95/month for them) they’ll absolutely be “in” and those that already recognize the value of internet advertising will be even MORE excited about this, at least that’s my thought.

In my recruiting business the “cold call” is our advertising. It’s the most primitive form of sales, and it still works, very well–but only if you want to have a conversation with someone. What if, just imagine this, a small business network talking openly to their soon to be customer about the inner-workings of their business, how they do it, what made them do it, why they do it and what drives their culture…..people want to know this information.

In a very selfish way, this whole internet venture is somewhat isolating, I think the other net-preneurs out there may agree. There’s a way to have the best of both worlds, though. By connecting with each new business owner, I can learn so much about everything (and the company). I’m going to “interview” every new business and give stats on their profiles of my progress with their owners. It will be a call and an email form they fill & forward with their answers, posted on their “biz-blog”. Now for the Privacy Policy–wish me luck!

K-its out in the open…ready, set, GO!

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