25 Aug

So, the Alpha stage is VERY close to completion. I’ve talked with a few people about recommending their doctors, day cares, recruiters, etc….I’m not sure if it’s the right approach or not.
Since its such a personal service we offer, the people don’t seem to be as giving with this information as I had hoped. It makes me take a closer look into the career I had in the recruiting business. Most of my clients were recommendations, and I made recommendations all the time to everyone for the things they need. So, I’m confused-isn’t it a natural thing to want to help? If it’s made convenient, that’s the key. A survey, sure, if they won’t take it, I’m curious if they’ll forward it on (with the verbiage to ask “pretty please”) may work.
Well, I know enough people in this area, word of mouth spreads fast–I’m thinking the right audience is the key….find pockets where people enjoy sharing information….my business partners know this well….they’ll be the one’s recommending others–of course not their competitors, but the other folks they like to work with for referrals, etc… the Dentist that refers the Orthodontist and/or the Recruiter that refers someone to their other recruiting buddy in another industry….that makes much more sense. B2B referrals & recommendations. Thanks for helping work this out, WORDPRESS!

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