23 Aug

So, here it is. My 3rd blog, this one is for the new company we just formed about a month ago. I was thinking about who to use for the blogging and WordPress made sense after looking at Studio 125’s blog/site, and it was perfect for what we need here.

Honestly, I struggled with how to make this, professional talk, or more of what this is all about, which is people helping people. If we’re going to help anyone, we can’t be anyone but ourselves, so that’s just what we’ll be.

We’re excited about this venture, helping people find their life-services. You know that feeling when you move to a new town, and you only know a few people? Right. Me too. Not only that, but all of the fantastic businesses should have a chance to get to know the new-comers and have a chance to earn their business.

We’ve thought about it, and making the value for the businesses is really the key.

We want to add to their ad/marketing campaign to get them visible, in a local setting, a referral tool. Getting them set up with the coolest that the web has to offer is the ultimate goal. Why shouldn’t everyone benefit from the cool things going on inside the wonderful world of the internet??

They will, and they can continue to run their business–we’ll worry about getting them the interested customers and giving them their own little piece of the ultra-cool internet space!

The Back-Story:

Everyone has one, so here it goes. It started with the fact that I love recruiting and connecting people, adding value to the lives of others and working with all sides. So, without knowing it, all of these different opportunities to help started showing up. Then, the idea came. and I went for it. Simple as that. But it had to be right and really create value–and sooner or later some money, right? Then I started thinking about how businesses might WANT a tool to get interested customers in the door….the revenue model was staring me in the face, but because we were so focused, it didn’t even occur to me that this could be a huge value to everyone. Even the businesses supporting the 1st line customers!

I’m BIG into strategic partnerships, as it turns out, so are most of the other businesses that we should align with, and they already have it set up, which is super!

We still have tons of work to do for the beta phase, but the alpha site is just about complete–working on the site flow on my living room floor, as we speak–or in between sentences.

We need a call to action. When you get the email from us that the site is live, please take like 10 minutes and recommend every life-service in your little world. That alone will be one significant driving force in our success.

Before we begin, I just want to thank everyone that’s supported me through this crazy new thing, listening to my way-out-left ideas and helping to form them into this gig. Not sure what will happen from here, but so far so good.

Join in, have some fun and let’s give back!

Speaking of, I found this the Windows IM tool–I like what they’re up to….may even integrate it into the site–would love to get thoughts.


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