A San Fransisco Treat!

23 Aug

O.k., where I’m from Fruits & Nuts are not just the ingredients to your fave trail mix. They’re Californian’s, too.
So, like everyone else in Tejas, I believe this bologna.I’m not sure about anyone else, but Cali’s lifestyle and culture is why one can’t live there unless you have a mil or two. So, who’s in the tail-mix now, sista? Maybe there’s some cashew’s or what about some wal-nuts? So what that a 4K SF casa goes for 350 in h-town in a golf course community. One can’t just prance around in their work-out gear sportin’ a backpack and look ultra-cool!!

Try it, see what it gets you–or what it doesn’t for that matter. Sparkly shirts & jeans? Too dressy for Cali…at least in the Silicon Valley, where all the money is. What an interesting paradigm? So, the money’s there and people live their dream and they have beautiful weather, personalities and comfy clothing–makes me wonder what kind of fruit I should be….

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