Land of Reason

14 Aug

Holy Moly. You would never think that a little town in the middle of the Bible Belt
would hold SO much opportunity. I never new it’s the L.A. of the South, for the entertainment industry. Kind of like Austin is for Music, this place is for the TV and movie industry. Really cool, people that are more interested in the quality and not a lot else, flock to this area. Understandably, so. The people are AWESOME, everyone is welcoming and without an ulterior motive–no joke, people like this actually exist–and they’re PLENTIFUL!!! Everyone from the cashier at the convenience store to the guy that’s worth millions at the little g-zillion$$$ studio in the middle of BFE!!!

If you get a chance, go there….not much to do, but get there, fast!


One response to “Land of Reason

  1. Ace McKay

    August 15, 2007 at 2:43 pm

    Sure there’s stuff to do! you just can’t go to Chattanooga and miss it. LOL!
    Of course the WINGS are worth the trip.
    l8er t8er,


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